International Stroke Conference 2022

ISC Business Suites

Business Suites provide a place for you to meet with staff and clients or transact business away from your booth without having to leave the Science & Technology Hall. Business Suites are available beginning Wednesday, Feb. 9. Please note that professional attendees will only be permitted in the hall when it’s open.

_______ 10’ x 10’ Business Suite $3,750
_______ 10’ x 20’ Business Suite: $7,500
_______ 20’ x 20’ Business Suite: $15,000
Business Suite selection number: ___________

All business suites are carpeted and fully enclosed. Business suite number will be printed on the entrance door.

INVOICE: AHA will invoice you upon space assignment and acceptance of your space application/contract. Please note that you will not receive a confirmation until AHA/ASA has received the 50% deposit.

  • PAY ONLINE: Visit for instructions.
  • PAY BY CHECK: U.S. Postal Service Address — regular mail American Heart Association P.O. Box 844504 Dallas, TX 75284-4504
  • COURIER ADDRESS — delivered by courier service (UPS/FedEx, etc.) Bank of America Lockbox Services Lockbox 844504 1950 N. Stemmons Freeway, Ste. 5010 Dallas, TX 75207

AHA/ASA Cancellation Schedule:
AHA/ASA requires a 50% deposit before exhibit space will be confirmed. Cancellation or space reduction will result in a 50% penalty through Sept. 30, 2021. Beginning Oct. 1, 2021, AHA/ASA requires payment in full and retains 100% of contracted space for space reduction or cancellation.

To access your company profile via the Exhibitor Portal and reserve your Business Suite, please go to  Use your Exhibitor ID and password to login.