International Stroke Conference 2023

ISC Business Suites

Business Suites provide a place for you to meet with staff and clients or transact business away from your booth without having to leave the Science & Technology Hall. Business Suites are available beginning Wednesday, February 8. Please note that professional attendees will only be permitted in the hall when it’s open.

10’ x 10’ Business Suite $4,250
10’ x 20’ Business Suite: $7,500
20’ x 20’ Business Suite: $15,000

 Business Suites are available for current exhibitors with International Stroke Conference 2023. You can order your business suite via your account on the Exhibitor Portal:

Use your Exhibitor ID and password to login.

All business suites are carpeted and fully enclosed. Business suite number will be printed on the entrance door.

  • Food and beverage service available through convention catering service.
  • Furniture and electrical not included in the rental fee and available to order through Freeman.
  • View Preferred Contractors (link to this page – – Note for Conrad – Do not list the content in parens on the site, but link directly from the underlined portion.

AHA/ASA International Stroke Conference Cancellation Schedule:
AHA/ASA requires a 50% deposit before exhibit space will be confirmed. Cancellation or space reduction will result in a 50% penalty through July 29, 2022. Beginning Aug. 1, 2022, AHA/ASA requires payment in full and retains 100% of contracted space for space reduction or cancellation.