Scientific Sessions 2024

5 tips for getting more AHA attendees to your booth

Having a plan to meet with physicians, researchers and scientists while at American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions is just as important as having a booth. Why are you exhibiting? What do you want to happen on-site, and how do you plan to make it happen? Here are five tips for getting more engagement with AHA professional attendees.

  1. Give them a compelling reason to visit your booth. Do you have a new product or technique? Are you distributing new research? Medical conferences are busy events. Give them a reason to make time for you.
  2. Get the word out. A compelling reason to come to your booth is only compelling if attendees know about it. Advertise through official channels. Send a mailing to your own list. Take advantage of AHA’s free mailing lists.
  3. Use the unlimited free Science & Technology Hall badges and bring in sales reps from surrounding areas to meet with their targets–and make sure they’ve invited their targets using AHA’s VIP pass program.
  4. Train your booth staff on how to properly engage medical meeting attendees. This doesn’t have to be costly. There are hundreds of articles and videos available online.
  5. Promote your participation everywhere. Include a tagline and booth number in the signature block of all emails. Have postcards about what you’ll be doing in your booth for reps to leave at office visits. Send email invites to a hit list of those you’d most like to see at Scientific Sessions.

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